Wallace Arts Foundation

Arts Learning Plan (Single School Design Description)

Contact: Wanda Wallace                        

LAUSD Vendor#: 186324-9

Phone:     (310) 419-0376                                  

Fax:    (310) 419-0382

Email: wandawallacefoundation@yahoo.com

Web address: http://www.wandawallacefoundation.org

Level:   Elementary

Artform: Visual Arts


Description Of Network Partner: The Wallace Arts Foundation (WAF) is a 501(c)3 non-profit community arts organization that offers curriculum based visual arts workshops to children in the Los Angeles Metropolitan area.  WAF believes that art inspires creativity, stimulates the imagination and motivates higher learning in children.  WAF provides Visual and Performing Arts (VAPA) Standard-based learning experiences in grades K-5.  Our workshops offer opportunities for critical thinking, improves language skills, literacy in reading, social studies, math, and science, especially among at-risk English Language Learners (ELL).  WAF’s projects reflect the culturally rich diversity of Los Angeles and provide Culturally Relevant and Responsive Education (CRRE) programs.

Description of Arts Learning Plan: WAF is offering the Budding Artist Arts Learning Plan (ALP) which consists of 5 sessions in any of the following workshops: Multicultural Mural Arts, African Wrap Doll, Diorama, Mask Making, Body Image Journal, and Starbrush Art. 

Workshops can be mixed and customized to suit the class needs.

Instructional: (5) 50 minute session workshops in the ALP (K-5).  These collaborative group projects provide differentiated instruction designed to encourage communication and problem solving.

Exhibition/Demonstration: (1) Visual Art Exhibition to be held in residence for school’s enjoyment.

Professional Development: Consists of working alongside teachers in a hands-on environment.  A lesson plan is provided at the end of the workshop.

Collaborative Planning/Meetings: Two meetings: One Pre-program meeting with the administrators and teachers to tailor the sessions, and a Post-program meeting for evaluation and feedback.

Offsite/Field Trip: Sites recommended are relevant to chosen workshops.

Resources: WAF will provide materials for workshops.

Special Requirements/Concerns/Needs or Considerations: A space for the Visual Arts Exhibition. 

Total Cost per School:   $3,950.00             Total Number of School to be Served:  (20)

Busses Required Per School (Provided by ACPN, no cost to the school):  1 per field trip.


Our workshops are ideally suited to service a maximum of 25 students per session, any more than 25 students lessens the quality of the experience and cheats the children who participate.


WAF requires a ten (10) days cancellation notice prior to contracted services. Cancelled sessions after 10 day grace period, school will be charged.



Services & Fees Summary



Direct Instructional Time with Students                    No.                   Rate                 Subtotal   

  Residency Classes (5) 50 min. sessions                          5                      $275.00             $1,375.00

  per. classroom rate of $275.00

 (Workshops can be mixed and customized to suit the class needs.)


Exhibitions/Demonstrations                                      No.                   Rate                 Subtotal

  Visual Art Exhibition 2 hrs.                                            1                      $300.00             $   300.00


Professional Development                                         No.                   Rate                 Subtotal

  Instructional time w/staff                                              5                      $275.00             $1,375.00


Collaborative Planning Meetings                                No.                   Rate                 Subtotal

  (1) hr. meeting                                                            2                      $200.00             $   400.00


Offsite/Field Trip                                                        No.                   Rate                 Subtotal

                                                                                    1                      $500.00             $   500.00


Resources:      Lesson Plan                                                                                           $0


Bussing                                                                                                                        $0                    



TOTAL FEE PER SCHOOL                                                                                                $3,950.00


Availability      (July 1, 2008June 30, 2009)

Months:                                                            July through June

Days:                                                               M-F

Times:                                                             During School Hours

Blackout Dates:                                               Saturdays, Sundays and School Holidays




LAUSD Teachers, Principals, and Staff interested in requesting this program:

get Task Order (formerly reservation request, etc.) by visiting:

Arts Education Branch website: http://artseducation.lausd.net/







If you are working with other funding sources beside the ACPN program, such as Title I, PTA, nondiscretionary funds, and independent grants, refer to the above information for specific prices for individual workshops. (i.e., a one hour workshop can be provided for a cost of $275.00, a field trip is $500.00, etc.)  We are prepared to accommodate you in a way that will provide workshops suitable for your specific budget needs.




Our workshops are Title I eligible. 

“In accordance with PL 107-110, subpart 15, Sec. 5511 of NCLB, in supplement to the LAUSD core Arts Education Plan, and in alignment with the school site plan, Wallace Arts Foundation (WAF) will provide strategic arts learning designed to improve student achievement…WAF will provide consultation, in collaborate with School Support Team, classroom teachers, administration, parents, etc., to determine how best to shape the learning experience for targeted students…WAF will provide professional development to classroom teachers on strategies for use in cross-curricular content management and content implementation…WAF will present strategies to teachers for creating cognitive connections in students by bridging multiple challenging content areas through the arts.”





For additional information on Arts Community Partnerships:
L.A. Arts Commission website www.laartsed.org 









Goals & Purpose of Professional Development Opportunity:

To assist the professional staff through artist methods how to integrate essential state standards and art. A growth opportunity for staff to work cohesively and corporately in team planning for art programming. Increase art skills of the professional staff. Revitalize the teacher attitudes toward utilizing art as a vehicle to motivate their students’ academic, behavioral and artistic growth. Assist in discovering and enhance the flourishing of talented students.









1.        Alignment with state standards in the arts and district arts initiatives:  WAF’s  

projects have a grade level appropriate developed lesson plan to assist the professional staff with their academic requirements according to the California Standards.


2.        Classroom Teacher arts subject mastery or skill description: WAF will provide one time or a series of presentations/demonstrations of a hands-on project with a skill description of the artist methods and techniques used in each project.


3.        Improvement in student access to the arts curriculum or experiences: WAF will meet with professional staff prior to and after the project to coordinate current classroom academic and current event projects. This is to ensure the maximization of the art experience.


4.        Meets the needs of special education, English language learners and culturally relevant and responsive education: It is important to offer access to special education student as well as average to gifted student. WAF’s goals have provided appropriate accommodations for the challenged student who definitely excels in the arts. All lesson plans created to increase creative critical thinking, improve language skills, literacy in reading, social studies, math, and science; along with, being culturally relevant; especially for English Language Learner (ELL) students and Culturally Relevant and Responsive Education (CRRE). WAF’s lesson plans have been developed with the ability to incorporate the rich culturally diverse communities of Los Angeles.


5.        Short or Long-term professional development plan: (Short-term)To work along with the teachers of designed classes selected for the program, art coordinator and/or administrative staff of the school prior to WAF begins any workshop and after. (Long-term) too eventually work collectively with the entire professional staff and PTA.


6.        Number and type of participants recommended: Ten (10) no more than twenty five (25) participants for the greatest effectiveness. Participants could consist of art coordinators, teachers, classroom aides and administrative staff (if available). Larger presentation such as PTA and family groups upon request.


7.        Access to special opportunities unique to the organization: WAF twenty-five (25) years of longevity as a Black/Ethnic art for-profit business; and five years (5) as an art education organization in the Los Angeles metropolitan area bring a wealth of well established resources of artists, art teachers, numerous venues, such as the African American Museum and culturally relevant galleries.


8.        Options/choices within the Professional Development Opportunity: Upon request art and curriculum related specific lesson plans and field trips. 




Item                                               Rate                  Quantity/Hours               Sub-Total


Professional Development

$  275.00



Collaborative Planning Mtg.

$  200.00


$   400.00


















All Workshops incorporate the California State Standards


The Multicultural Mural Art will be directed towards young people between the ages of 5 and 18 years.  The theme for the mural will depict the rich cultural diversity of Los Angeles metropolitan area.  Various art medium and artistic techniques will be utilized in this workshop.


The African Wrap Doll is a tremendous opportunity for young people to learn about the historical African American art form of doll making.  The student will explore the cultural heritage by constructing and fashioning these ancient African Wrap Dolls.


Diorama (display case or box) a three-dimensional representation of a scene, i.e. in a museum, in which objects or models are arranged in a natural setting against a realistic background.  This project will depict an African, Native American, or Asian setting.


The Mask Making Project exposes students to several techniques of mask making, such as basics of sculpting clay to form a “life cast” of the students head, the use of found objects and materials and various art medium.  In depth exploration of the origin, culture and purpose of each mask will play an intricate part of the learning experience of this project.


Body Image Journal explores the artist style of Jacob Lawrence, a Harlem Renaissance artist.  This project provides the student an opportunity to have a journal of the student’s body image.  Using geometric shapes, sizes, and patterns, and using primary, secondary, and tertiary colors.


Starbrush Art Workshops are conducted to help students make connections between visual arts and other academic disciplines.  These workshops give students understanding in the application of artist media, techniques, and styles, as well as give them the ability to analyze, critique traditional art and new art forms.







Arts Evidence Guide


Standards-based description of community arts programming for selection by LAUSD schools:

a visual arts education provider


Artistic Perception

processing, analyzing and responding to the arts:

The Wallace Arts Foundation (WAF) has designed their workshops and lesson plans to coincide with each grade level K through grade level 5 content standards.

WAF’s goal is to teach the students how to perceive and respond to works of art, objects in nature, events and the environment. This provides an opportunity for the student in the lower grades to use the skill of recognition and description of simple patterns, shape and familiar art materials. While the upper grades can enhance their acquired skills to advanced artist techniques. 

WAF workshops encourage the process of analyzing, identifying the elements of art and discussion. The students will gain the development of visual arts vocabulary, concepts of color, shape, form, texture and the principles of design. Students have opportunities to respond to the arts and their lives from a different advantage.


Creative Expression

creating, performing and participating in the arts:

WAF makes available opportunities to apply artistic processes and skills using familiar or new media to communicate the meaning and the intent in their original works of arts. This offers students the means and opportunity to express ideas about family, neighborhood, feelings of self and/or current events.


Historical and Cultural Context

contributions and dimensions of the arts, past and present:

WAF utilizes the culturally and ethnically rich diversity of Los Angeles, California, United States and other countries as an avenue for creativity.

The students will explore historical events, cultural artistic expression, and the artists of their own community and the surrounding communities. This provides the use of their artistic skills, vocabulary and various media.

WAF designs their workshops to interrelate with school’s themes, festivals, holidays and possible school trips to museums or galleries.


Aesthetic Valuing

making critical judgments and deriving meaning in the arts:

WAF lesson plans are designed to encourage students to analyze, assess, and derive meaning from their own works of art and others. This is an opportunity to learn the technique of how to constructively critique.

This opens dialogue with the use of visual arts terminology to identify, describe, discuss and/or write how the student’s own cultural context influences their individual responses to works of art.

The student gains a greater appreciation for their art work and others.


Connections, Relations, Applications

connecting and applying to other arts & subject areas:

WAF applies what was learned in visual arts to other areas of academic course studies.

This will be achieved by building on the knowledge and skills the student has gained from their own life experiences and/or in earlier grades.

By overlapping and making points of connections with content standards and the arts these areas will be intricately interrelated.

This is an opportunity to utilize creative skills in collaboration, problem solving and time management.

The students will have an opportunity to develop lifelong learning and career skills.